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Mario Party Superstars

by Andreas Malm
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Super Mario is a game series that probably everyone knows, regardless of age. But did you know there’s a Mario game that’s not about jumping on turtles and big yellow blocks with question marks on them? Because there’s a game you can play with the whole family, and no, I’m not talking about Mario Kart. I’m talking about Mario Party, of course! It is a game series with several games. The first Mario Party game was released in 1998 and since then there have been 11 games released in the main series, with a number of spin-offs for various Nintendo platforms.

The latest game in the series, the eleventh game, is called Mario Party Superstars. The game was released in 2018 on Nintendo Switch. The Mario Party games involve competing in various unique competitions. An example from the newest game is to fry a meat cube the fastest. Another is to pat a large sleeping worm without waking it. It’s a fun game for the whole family.

What is the game about?

Mario Party Superstar Switch is more or less entirely built on dozens, if not hundreds, of mini-games. It’s a very unique setup for a game really, but in many ways it’s almost more fun than classic games as the game actually contains as many games as you can imagine. You pay for a game with get maybe 80 instead. It’s a bit like buying one of those retro consoles that looks like a Nintendo Entertainment System or PlayStation 1 but contains hundreds of games that were popular on those respective platforms.

In games like Mario Party Superstars, it often goes without saying that the developer doesn’t spend a lot of time on each game, as they have to develop so many. Still, you don’t really notice them, as every little game is very well done. It’s good-looking and, above all, quite bug-free compared to many other modern games that are released half-finished.

Two examples of the games included in Mario Party Superstars are:

  • Dizzy Dancing, a game where all players stand on a rotating LP disc and try to catch as many flying objects in the form of green notes as possible. The one with the most notes caught at the end of the round wins.
  • Motor Rooter, a game where players try to get through a long tunnel full of speed boosts and obstacles. The first to arrive, i.e. the one who takes the most speed boosts and hits the fewest obstacles, wins.

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