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Melania Trump – Everything you want to know!

by Andreas Malm
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After Donald Trump became President of the United States, his wife Melania Trump has also become famous around the world. In this informational article we would like to shed some light on her and present her story, what she has achieved during her life, and what she is best known for. So if you want to know more, read on!

Melania Trump history

On 26/4 1970, Melania Trump, or Melanija Knavs, was born in the town of Novo mesto in the former Yugoslavia (now Slovenia). In her teens, she and her mother and father moved to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. There she studied at the University of Ljubljana, two semesters of which were in architecture.

While she was studying, she also started working as a model. She was only 16 at the time, and two years later she began modelling in Milan. In 1989, at the age of 19, she dropped out of school to work full time. She also changed the spelling of her surname Knauss.

In the 1990s, she lived for a time with Swedish supermodel Victoria Silverstedt in Paris. Then, in 1996, she moved on to New York. There she appeared on a number of prestigious magazine covers and the like.

During this time, she also got to know Donald Trump, whom she also married in 2005. The following year, 2006, the couple had a son, Barron William Trump, and Melania became a US citizen.

A few years later, Melania also started to run businesses in the skincare and jewellery industry. She was also active as a philanthropist during this time. For example, she worked with the American Heart Association in 2010, raising more than $1.7 million that year for research.

What is Melania Trump known for?

What Melania Trump is best known for is her relationship with Donald Trump. She is the second first lady ever to be born in a country other than the United States, and the first lady to work through the Be Best initiative. In doing so, she helped improve the well-being of children, combat cyberbullying and fight specific drug addictions.

However, Melania Trump is also known in the fashion world as a fashion model legend. In her other fields of work, she has also received a lot of recognition and accolades.

However, in addition to her more popular successes, she also has personal successes such as her education programs. She is also multilingual as she speaks English as well as Slovenian, Serbian, French, Italian and German.

Then we can’t end the article without mentioning Melania Trump’s incredible popularity as a private person. Melania Trump was the second most admired woman in the world according to Gallup’s 2019 poll, and the most admired non-American-born woman.

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